Scanning of any objects with a 3D scanner

Consultations on 3D scanning are free of charge:) call us! +7 (499) 2882726

3D scanning is the creation of a digitized object on a computer from a physically existing object. There are many methods, devices and various kinds of software thanks to which we are able to create a digital image of real objects. Modern scanners make it quite easy to get an exact copy of the object in digital format. As a result of 3D scanning, you will get a 3D model in one of the formats: *.stl, *.ply and *.obj.

What is included in 3D scanning

• Specialist consultation: answers to all your questions about the 3D scanning process and possibly in the future 3D printing
• 3D scanning of the object
• Connecting scanned surfaces into a single 3D model
• Correction of the resulting model, applying textures if necessary
• Saving the model in the desired format (*. stl,*. ply and *.obj.)

*Additional modeling is carried out separately!

3D Scanning


To determine the cost, write to us at email.
In the letter, attach a photo of the object, preferably against the background of the ruler.

Prices for 3D scanning

Scanning 1500rub per hour