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Welcome to the Experimental materials section!
Experimental materials – these are the materials that are not mass-produced, but are made as an experiment. Such materials are produced specifically for enthusiasts, experts, techno-bloggers, innovators and people who, like us, do not sit still and believe in the Russian production of filament.

Non-serial plastic - this is a product of such production in which it is supposed to produce single, experimental copies without re-manufacturing.
We are trying to come up with more and more new types of 3D plastics. The first samples do not always meet all our technical requirements for fur. and chem. tests. Therefore, such filaments fall into this section at discounted prices.
Sometimes experimental production of plastics is carried out on a special reduced extruder, which gives a small amount of finished products.

Our product range it is constantly updated with unusual materials. They can be suitable for both industrial printers and ordinary (everyday) ones.
Engineering plastics 3D:

  • thermoplastic with the addition of carbon fiber, capable of withstanding heavy loads and high temperatures;
  • a biocidal material on the surface of which the reproduction is restrained and the vital activity of bacteria is suppressed;
  • the material has excellent thermal and chemical resistance, which makes it possible to use it in complex areas: automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense, food, industrial, plumbing, medical.

Conventional 3D plastics:

  • super soft with a Shore hardness index (scale A) 65;
  • plastic with the ability to self-damping or practically non-flammable.


Only in our company you will find such exclusive types of plastics.

The category is constantly updated and more and more new varieties appear in it, and in order not to miss all the most interesting things, follow our news in instagram.

Become the first person to try printing with such a material.


Dear customers, if after testing you have something to tell about the material located in the “experimental materials”section You can always write a comment. It is possible after a large number of reviews and some upgrades (if they are necessary) we will release a serial filament for a 3D printer based on an experimental one.


If you want to take part in the development of new filaments or just make a limited batch for yourself, then we will help you PRODUCTION OF FILAMENTS.

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