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Our company is always ready to answer all your questions related to our product. It is important for us that the client receives as much information as possible.

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If you suddenly did not find the right section, then call us 8 800 775-73-31

Frequently Asked Questions:

There is a knot on the spool of plastic, this is a marriage?

No, this is not a marriage, it is impossible to get a node in the production process. It appears in the process of exploitation. It is always necessary to keep the" end " of the rod in tension.

Plastic 2.85 is suitable for a 1.75 printer and vice versa?

No, it will not work if you do not have a printer modification that would allow you to use two rod diameters.

There is no necessary plastic

If suddenly plastic is not available, then you can click the "notify of receipt" button in the product card. And, as soon as the product appears on the site, you will receive a message by email.

What plastics can be printed together?

There is an answer to this question here

What kind of plastic do we print with?

We print with plastic only of our own production.

Do you repair the printer?

We do NOT have such a service.

Where to throw the used coils?

We accept used coils (whole).

Where can I track my parcel with the MDA... number?

On the website grastin.