The most prominent, large and significant
viam Website
The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials is the largest state-owned materials science enterprise developing materials for aviation and space technology.
npo-medpribor Website
NPO Medpribor-design and development of medical devices, solving complex problems in the field of medical technologies from idea to production.
intra Website
JSC " INTRA — - development and production of radiation monitoring equipment.
folter Website
NPO FOLTER is a leading Russian enterprise for the production of a wide range of filters and dust collectors that are used in the oil and gas, metallurgical and machine-tool construction, chemical and machine-building, medical, food industries.
cagi Website
The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky" is the world's largest center of aviation science.
cagi Website
JSC "Corporation" Roskhimzashchita — is a leader in the creation and production of high-tech high-tech products-means of effectively countering a wide range of man-made and natural damaging factors, life support systems.
polus Website
M. F. Stelmakh Polyus Research Institute is a research institute specializing in developments in the field of quantum electronics.
pfmic Website
Volga Federal Medical Research Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
pfmic Website
NPO IT is a leading enterprise in telemetry and sensor equipment, microelectronics for rocket and space technology.
andrt Website
NGO "Android Technology" is an innovative company engaged in the development and production of human-like robotics.
cenki Website
FSUE "Center for the Operation of Ground-based Space Infrastructure Facilities".