What you need to do to become a REC Dealer ?

  1. Have your own website related to additive technologies or related topics, as well as the desire to develop in this field of activity.
  2. < li>Request our wholesale price list and read it carefully.
  3. Get marketing materials and photos and post them on your own website.
  4. After posting the information on the website, you can purchase our products at dealer prices.

To ensure sales and increase loyalty, as well as to mitigate the conditions for entering the market, a new dealer can receive deferred payment terms for the first order for up to 30 calendar days.

Requirements for REC dealers:

  1. Compliance with the manufacturer's retail prices.
  2. Maintaining up-to-date information about the types, types, compositions and properties of plastic on the website.
  3. Placement on the site, in addition to the products themselves, additional information in the form of certificates and technical conclusions for each type of material provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Update the information on the site in a timely manner.
  5. Follow the rules for ordering goods for dealers, soberly assess their capabilities and deadlines.
  6. Comply with the agreed payment terms, do not allow late payments.

Advantages of REC dealers:

  1. Working dealer policy, favorable pricing.
  2. Marketing support and consultation.
  3. Priority of allocation of scarce positions.
  4. Transaction protection.
  5. Technical assistance and consultation.